Let's blend joy, love and meaning to design your dream wedding ceremony!

By Rich Harrison

Your big day marks the start of a beautiful journey

From small backyard weddings to grand hotel ballrooms, I'll help you craft each special element - vows, readings, rituals, and more - to kick off your union in a way that uniquely represents both of you.


Why choose me?

I take immense pride in serving LGBTQ+ couples and diverse families - inclusivity is one of the core values of RH Ceremonies.

As a Royal Navy veteran, I’m happy to infuse military traditions into your ceremony too. I’m a passionate veteran and understand the complexities and sensitivities that come with military experience.

My flexible packages and stress-free planning ensure your wedding reflects your vision while honouring your heritage, values, and traditions.

What's Included

Weddings From £495



We'll schedule up to two meetings to ensure we perfectly capture the essence of your relationship and create a ceremony that reflects your unique bond. During these collaborative sessions, we'll discuss and incorporate all the elements and people you wish to include in your ceremony, ensuring it's a true representation of your love story.


Your Script

I will craft a personalised wedding script for you, filled with warmth, laughter, and moments that you'll treasure forever. This script can include customised vows (though you're welcome to write your own if you prefer), special ceremonies, and more. You'll have the opportunity to review and make edits to the script to ensure it aligns with your vision. If you prefer a touch of mystery, we can keep some elements as a delightful surprise for your big day. For those interested in a symbolic ceremony, I'm here to help design one that resonates with your story, complete with ceremonial keepsakes and props.



I'm committed to planning and conducting your ceremony with professionalism, ensuring it's a stress-free and seamless experience. If a rehearsal is desired, we can certainly incorporate that into our plan, making sure everything runs smoothly for your special day.

About Me

I love celebration. I truly believe we don’t celebrate enough in life, so I’m here to bring the light into every occasion. I’m here to hold your hands through the tough ones, and throw the confetti at the ones filled with joy. For every occasion, I’m ready to listen to you, come up with ideas and work with you no matter your background, diversity and needs. It’s my job to ensure you have the personalised ceremony you’ve always wanted!