Vow renewals

By Rich Harrison

A ceremony to honour your journey together

Reignite the love you share on your anniversary or celebrate a milestone with a touching vow renewal ceremony. We'll design a ceremony to honour your journey together.

Whether you're commemorating a milestone anniversary, rediscovering your love after a trying time or illness, or simply celebrating your enduring bond, I'm here to help design a romantic, lighthearted, and meaningful event.

Infuse your ceremony with personalised vows, readings, rituals, and more to remind yourselves and those you plan on sharing your special day with, why your relationship is so special.

This is your chance to reconnect and continue a lifelong journey together.


Why choose me?

As a celebrant specialising in renewal of vows ceremonies, my approach is deeply personal, celebratory, and reflective of the unique journey each couple has embarked upon.

I believe that renewing vows is a profound expression of enduring love and commitment, and I dedicate myself to making this occasion as special and memorable as the first 'I do.'

My service begins with getting to know your love story – understanding the milestones, challenges, and triumphs that have strengthened your bond. This allows me to craft a ceremony that is not just a repeat of your wedding day, but a beautiful, evolved reflection of your relationship as it stands today.

I offer guidance on vows, whether you wish to reaffirm your original promises or express new sentiments that capture your journey since you first made them. What sets me apart is my ability to weave your shared experiences, personal growth, and future aspirations into a ceremony that feels fresh, heartfelt, and intimately yours.

My aim is to create an atmosphere that resonates with love, joy, and a deep appreciation for the journey you've shared, making your vow renewal a momentous celebration of your continued commitment to each other.

What's included

prices From £400

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    Personalised Consultation

    Love Story Session A heartfelt meeting to reminisce about your relationship journey, understand the milestones you've celebrated, and the challenges you've overcome. This session helps me tailor the ceremony to reflect your unique love story.
    Continuous Support Ongoing communication to ensure every aspect of the ceremony aligns perfectly with your vision.

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    Customised Ceremony Planning

    Bespoke Ceremony Script Crafting a ceremony that resonates with your journey, including personalised vows, special readings, and meaningful rituals that signify your ongoing commitment and love.
    Family & Friends Involvement Encouraging and organising the participation of your loved ones, ensuring they feel an integral part of this special day.
    Vow Crafting Guidance Providing support and advice on writing your vows, whether you wish to renew your original promises or express new sentiments that reflect your growth as a couple.
    Vow Keepsake Creating beautifully designed keepsake copies of your vows to cherish forever.

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    Ceremony Day Coordination

    Professional Officiating Conducting your vow renewal ceremony with warmth, dignity, and a touch of joy, ensuring the day is as meaningful as it is memorable.
    Seamless Execution Coordinating with any other service providers (e.g. venue, music, photography) to ensure a smooth and stress-free celebration.

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    Special Touches

    Memory Lane Display Assistance in setting up a ‘Memory Lane’ display featuring photos and mementos from your life together, adding a personal and nostalgic touch to your celebration.
    Renewal Certificate A beautifully designed renewal of vows certificate as a lasting memento of this special day.