About Me

By Rich Harrison

So what’s my background?

My journey to becoming a celebrant began during my 24 year career in financial services.

I found great reward in building long-lasting connections with clients from all walks of life to understand their unique needs and values.

My ability to listen acutely, deeply and engage is core to who I am.

I love bringing people together and enjoy adding a mix of warmth, spirit and personalisation into every ceremony I have the privilege of leading.

Whilst at university, I served in the Royal Naval Reserve. During that period of my life, I honed my skills for working cohesively in challenging situations and my appreciation for camaraderie strengthened. My passion for helping others is unwavering.


After losing my wife, Pip, I felt called to become a celebrant to blend my love for service, teamwork, understanding people, and signifying life's milestones. A little fact: The rose you see in the RH Ceremonies logo is a tribute to my beloved wife, Pip, who left our world recently. She’s my inspiration for everything.

I also proudly identify my business as veteran-owned and LGBTQ+ affirming. I personally hold and respect inclusivity very dearly.

Based in Lincolnshire, I'm happy to travel anywhere in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire for weddings (I particularly love hosting ceremonies in nature and the countryside!).

For all other ceremonies, I prefer to stay local in North East and North Lincolnshire.

I look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your unique ceremony needs. The first step is connecting - let's make it happen!

How I work

My ceremonies are far from average. They are a mix between the extraordinary and ordinary! Not everyone wants the big, lavish events so I sit with you, ask you what makes you tick and design a ceremony that screams volumes about you and your life.

I take every occasion, couple and family as they come and tailor the content so your loved ones, laugh, cry and take in every single word.

My Services



Renewal of Vows